Where does flavour come from in beer? The answer seems simple, but can lead to so many wonderful combinations of yeast, malt, hops and more!

Yeast plays an important role in the brewing process and impacts the flavour and aroma of the finished product. Different strains of yeast will bring out different characteristics. The biggest differentiator though, lies between ale yeast and lager yeast. Ale yeast works at a higher temperature which brings out more ester flavour compounds, AKA: fruity flavours. ?Where lager yeast works at lower temperature and has fewer flavour compounds, allowing the malt and hops flavours to be the focus.  

When it comes to malt, there are a variety of grains that can be used to make beer. Rice, corn, oats, wheat, and rye are all great examples of this, but the most popular grain choice is barley. The flavours driven by the grain depend on the malt used and the length of time it spends in the kiln during the malting process. Lightly roasted malt will produce bready flavours, darker roasted malt will produce toffee and caramel flavours and very darkly roasted malt will produce coffee and chocolate flavours.  

Hops are known for producing the bitterness characteristic in beer, but they are also responsible for producing unique aromas and flavours. There are three main hop flavour categories: floral, fruity and zesty. The different flavour profiles are mainly due to their growing origins. For example, North American hops will produce different flavours than European hops.  

Beyond these three major contributors to flavour and aroma, so many different ingredients can be added for their flavouring ability. The most popular ingredient is fruit, but brewers have been testing boundaries all over the world with ingredients like milk, bacon, peanut butter and even oysters.  

With the warm weather finally here, we are going to focus on some refreshing flavoured beers for you to explore that mostly feature fruity additions. Grab one or two today for a brand new flavour profile!  

Dragonfruit Radler
Radler is beer mixed with fruit soda  

Mimosa Shaker
Beer cocktail 

Granville Peach Sour
Gose-style sour brimming with peach flavour  

Banana Bread Beer
Made with Fairtrade bananas  

Belgian Moon Mango Wheat
Wheat beer made with fresh mangos and honey. Look for the wheat ale characteristics in this one along with the mango and honey.  

Lightly-hoped Belgian White Beer & Pure Strawberries
The Belgian yeast characteristics marry so nicely with the pure strawberries