Please read below for a message from Big Fiddle Still. ANBL will accept all product returns to any corporate location. No receipt required.


"The Big Fiddle Still team wishes to inform customers that, for the sake of caution, we have launched a voluntary withdrawal from the market of our products sold in the province. Customers who have one of our products at home are encouraged to return it to any ANBL corporate store for a full refund. Recent quality assurance tests have indicated some ingredients in some products are outside the expected thresholds and as a result, we will assess all our products to ensure the necessary requirements are met before returning them to the stores, store from manufacturing agency or licensees for sale. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has found Big Fiddle's market withdrawal to be adequate and our product does not pose an immediate risk to the health of customers. The CFIA hasn't issued an official reminder notice, but at Big Fiddle, we want to go further and encourage our valued customers to return their products to their homes at any ANBL corporate store for a refund. We took these steps to make sure we have the best product possible on the shelves. We thank our customers for their patience and support as we work to get our products back on the tablets as soon as possible."