Summer is finally here! Bring on backyard grilling, time at the cottage, rowing on the river and lots of gatherings with delicious food and drink.

With all the celebrating, it’s important to remember to plan for a safe ride home.

Choosing to be a designated driver is a big responsibility (and can literally be a lifesaver), but it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun.

Here are some simple tips for being a great designated driver.

Enjoy Yourself

You’ve made the commitment to not drink alcohol, but you can still enjoy your favorite non-alcohol beverages.

There are plenty of mocktails to choose from or you can choose to enjoy one of many non-alcohol beer options available.

Plan Ahead

The designated driver sets the rules and communicates them clearly.

Remind everyone on the ride over what those rules are.

Let people know important details such as what time you plan to leave and where to meet at the end of the night in case you get separated.

Be Patient

The best designated drivers help to keep an eye on their friends. When it’s time to go, approach your friends with a sense of humor and be ready for anything.

And remember, you’re the summer hero, which means you set the ground rules.

ANBL Safe Ride Program

Look for ANBL at select events throughout New Brunswick without worrying about how you will get home safely.

Whether it be by bus, taxi or shuttle, ANBL’s Safe Ride Program is proud to be your designated driver, free of charge!

Check out this page to see where we’ll be this summer.