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Take your beer passion to the Station! This historic property that used to be a train station in Fredericton is now home to ANBL’s Craft Beer Room. Whatever your beer passion - this room has got you covered. With the largest craft beer selection in the province, this is THE destination for beer you can’t find elsewhere in NB, or even elsewhere on the East Coast in some cases.   


You’ll find over 200 craft beers to choose from, with new products arriving every week. The portfolio is a hybrid of local brews, fringe products, seasonal selections, one-time buys, rare allocations and the core specialty products. And there’s a Growler Bar with a fresh line up each week, where you can sample what’s on tap before filling your growler.   


ANBL has recognized that craft beer fans want new and unique beer styles and they want them all the time. With that in mind, ANBL continually hunts down products that are new and exciting. When our team can only get around 10 cases of an exciting hard-to-get beer, it is always made available in the Craft Beer Room.


For the Holiday Season, look for special products that will be available in the Craft Beer Room, in limited quantities. Stay tuned for new product announcements!