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Did the holidays (and let's be honest, 2020 as a whole) deplete your wine collection? Good news! We're featuring 30 amazing wines this release and we've got something for everyone. But get them while you can because they're only here for a limited time - once they're gone, they're gone.

And the best part? Every single one of them is under $20. So take this an opportunity to replenish your collection, tantalize your taste buds, and save some money!




Prayers of Sinners & Saints Syrah 750ml

This Red Blend is for the sinner in all of us; the dark side that craves decadent, smooth and luxurious red wine. This broody red wine is deeply layered with blackberry, dark fruit, violet and cocoa.

Body: Medium

Food pairing: Indulge your temptations with braised beef and mole tacos, or molten chocolate cake.










Prayers of Sinners & Saints Chardonnay 750ml

Bright aromas of slightly toasted pears with underlying citrus notes lead to a heavenly mix of fresh pear and ripe melon flavors. The creamy yet juicy mouthfeel will have you thinking this wine was made with divine intervention.

Body: Light

Food pairing: Pair this wine with tuna and avocado tostadas, skillet-roasted lemon chicken or angel food cake.