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Greek storyteller, Aesop, is quoted saying "good things come in small packages." Not to argue with a famous Greek storyteller, but he couldn't have been talking about magnum bottles when he said it. Then again, they didn't exist when he was alive so he wasn't aware that bigger is better in the wine world. Magnums may look huge compared to regular size bottles but they really aren't. At 1.5 liters, a magnum bottle is the same as two standard 750ml bottles. And there's even more good news - wine actually ages better in a magnum. Even though the bottles are larger and contain more liquid, the cork is roughly the same size as a standard bottle. This means that the same amount of oxygen gets trapped between the wine and the cork. Less oxygen means the wine oxidizes slower, keeping all those flavours and aromas we're thirsty for. This holiday season try one of the amazing magnums we've brought in. Sometimes bigger really is better!





Bottega Gold Prosecco Spumante Magnum DOC 1500ml

Bright and lively, this elegantly styled, fresh and floral Brut Prosecco will deliver aromas of fresh pear, lily of the valley and apple. Its moderate alcohol and easy-going nature make it a great choice as an aperitif or for parties.

Body: Light

When to drink: Enjoy it within 18 months

Food pairing: Excellent as an aperitif and with risottos, seafood and shellfish.








Belle Glos Taylor Lane 1500ml

Dark violet to ruby red in color this pinot noir has aromas of Bing cherry, blackberry, pepper, tobacco, and forest floor on the nose. Flavours of cherry, apple, and blackberry are balanced with pleasant acidity and nice minerality resulting in excellent depth and concentration that lingers through to the silky, smooth, and supple finish.

Body: Medium

When to drink: Enjoy now or in 10 years

Food pairing: Pairs well with beef, veal and game dishes.






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